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Primary Advantages of the 700 Chassis System—Why Use the GCPD REM M700 Tactical Stock?

Law enforcement and military professionals require versatility and power from their firearms, which makes it essential to choose armaments with great care. Each feature on a tactical rifle can make a world of difference in the field, which is why the most successful departments invest in premium grade precision shooting products. To ensure best results, it can be valuable to purchase modular products that are based on a stock chassis but customised according to user specifications. Doing so provides a reliable grip and barrel for consistent shooting while offering access to numerous additional features, such as an unbeatable bedding system.

Benefits of Shooting with the REM M700 Tactical Stock

The REM 700 tactical stock is a popular choice for law enforcement and military divisions throughout Australia and overseas, due to its high reliability and ease of use. Inspired by many years of frontline work in  law enforcement and military, the GCPD MSP stock takes your Remington M700 barrel and action to another level and offers the following benefits to shooters:

  • An ergonomic design that enhances user comfort while aiming and shooting.

  • Free-floating 24” and 26” barrels, which provide excellent accuracy.

  • Fully-adjustable GCPD butt stock or Magpul stock and pistol grip, which increases consistency between shots.

The features above make the GCPD REM 700 chassis an ideal system around which to construct a tactical rifle. However, superior firepower depends on more than just a well-made tactical stock. It also requires high-quality supplementary components brought together by an experienced designer who will be able to combine them into an effective and well-balanced weapon. Australian manufacturers who can provide such turnkey rifle solutions are rare but finding one can provide significant performance advantages to the teams that use them. Australian manufacturers such as GCPD are preferable since they will be likely to offer shorter lead times and to use cutting-edge manufacturing technologies and high-quality aerospace materials in all the products they offer.

Custom Products Built on Proven Excellence

GCPD Arms Australia brings nearly four years of experience (backed by over 85 years of shooting experience by our core staff) to the Australian law enforcement and military sectors, providing state of the art products designed and manufactured in the country for high quality and unparalleled reliability. We build our designs around popular  rifle platforms including the REM 700 action  so that users will benefit from the accessibility offered by an established chassis system while enjoying the wealth of extra features we can provide in a modular rifle. Such features include:

  • Suppression systems that reduce noise and recoil

  • Optical mounts and high-quality optics to increase shooter perception

  • Tactical video recording for primary optics


Our goal is to provide refined products that will outperform other weapons and increase the chances of mission success for every team that uses them.

Investing in high-end tactical gear makes every mission on which it’s used easier and safer for the personnel involved. Teams that trust premium Australian designers and manufacturers to create custom builds around proven platforms can reap these rewards easily. Contact GCPD Arms Australia immediately to speak with a representative who can tell you more about how to find quality custom builds for an M700 tactical stock or chassis system, and help you place an order so that you can acquire the gear you need to ensure your success.

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