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How to Acquire Ideal Long Range Firearms: Find Hunting Rifles and Sniper Rifles for Precision Shooting

The advantage that distance provides can be advantageous in an engagement, whether one is involved in tactical manoeuvres or merely hunting in the outback. As such, shooters in the military, members of law enforcement, and private hunters can all benefit from purchasing high-quality long range firearms.

In many cases, the best way to remain effective while shooting at a distance is to have a custom rifle constructed. When you are seeking a custom firearm for long range precision shooting, it is important to choose equipment that will meet your unique needs in terms of ergonomics, accuracy, calibre and appearance. It’s therefore vital to understand the differences between long range sniper rifles and long range hunting rifles, so that you can be sure you are building your custom rifle with the correct components and accessories.

Considerations when Purchasing Long Range Precision Shooting Tools

Long range sniper rifles must provide significant operational flexibility as well as superior target engagement capabilities. It is crucial to choose rifles that will be relatively comfortable and mobile so that your team will remain versatile in the field and be able to engage effectively at all times during a given operation. Look for a rifle that offers the following qualities:

  • An ergonomic design that provides a stable grip for the user, helping to maintain consistency during use.

  • Lightweight construction using aerospace grade materials, so that the rifle will be rigid and stable  without weighing too much and impeding shooter mobility in combat.

  • Intelligent design that offers ideal balance, so that the rifle will perform as expected under a range of different situations. The design of a custom rifle can also contribute to lowering the recoil – especially when a GCPD high efficiency muzzle brake is fitted.

  • Modular customisation options, so that additional features and accessories can be added as needed.

  • Long range hunting rifles must meet slightly different criteria for success. When looking for a custom hunting rifle to use at a distance, consider the following additional requirements:

  • Compatibility with high-quality storage and transport accessories so that the gun can always be moved safely and responsibly.

  • Accessories such as video recorders, which will help capture the best moments from any hunt.

  • Availability of different chassis options so that each hunter can have a custom rifle based on a build that they are comfortable handling.

Satisfaction and Security with GCPD

GCPD Arms Australia designs and manufactures custom long range firearms to clients in both the tactical and commercial sectors. Our military-grade products use the world-class Remington M700 action  as a base. We use top quality Remington 700 actions from companies such as Stiller, Lone Peak, Surgeon and Badger Ordnance, teamed with a premium quality GCPD chassis and custom components manufactured in Australia  by our own team to produce cutting-edge firearms tailored to the specifications of each department or organisation that partners with us.

Hunters can also benefit from our range of options for private and commercial buyers, which offer several distinct chassis types that are fully PRS, Tactical and F-Class ready. All products are entirely user configurable, which results in more reliable firearms  you can trust during use in the field. To learn more about everything we offer, contact us today and speak with a representative who can tell you more.

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