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The Advantages of a Modular Chassis for Customising Rifles

Choosing a standard rifle means relying on a stock set of components that are often not easy to swap out or modify if you are not satisfied with its performance. A modular chassis, such as our Tikka T3 or Remington 700 models, provides an altogether different experience for the advanced shooter. What are some of the key reasons to consider purchasing a chassis or working with a manufacturer on customisation?

First, a modular chassis provides an opportunity for imaginative design. It is not uncommon for rifle owners to feel as though the features they like best in a firearm are rarely all present together in one package. Using a modular design affords the opportunity to pick and choose components and add-ons in accordance with the shooting experience you want to create.

Next, they provide shooters with opportunities to make changes quickly. For those who compete in target shooting, this can be an essential feature to take advantage of between competitions. Adjust your rifle to suit your shooting style with ease – or customise your rifle to better suit certain types of competition (such as PRS).

Finally, they offer versatility that crosses between different industries and uses. One modular configuration can provide exceptional performance for law enforcement or military professionals, for example. Another variant can give hunters the ability to drop a target from a great distance or to allow a shooter to compete in events such as the Precision rifle series (PRS) or the King of 1 Mile competition. All this is possible with the same chassis, by simply swapping out fore-ends.

GC Precision Developments is an Australian-based manufacturer that proudly displays our Made In Australia accreditation.  We provide a dependable source for shooters looking to purchase either a stand-alone modular chassis or a fully customised rifle based on your design ideas. Our advanced capabilities enable us to fulfil orders both small and large. Let us know more about what you envision when you think of the perfect rifle; contact us on 02 6292 3498 to share your thoughts.

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