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Choosing a Provider for Precision Long Range Rifles Built to Exacting Standards

Accuracy is of paramount importance for both the avid target shooter and dedicated hunter. Whether one hopes to compete at a high level for distance shooting or prefers to hunt from afar, precision long range rifles are the only appropriate tools for the task at hand. For the discerning shooter, there is always the continuous search for the ideal firearm that harmonises elements such as weight, power, range, and customisability. At GC Precision Developments, our team has pooled its collective experience from sectors as disparate as manufacturing and the military to produce firearms that rise to meet a demanding level of need.

Based on highly refined chassis for quality actions such as the Tikka T3 or the Remington Model 700, we coordinate closely with our clients to develop an understanding of your expectations and requirements. You may wish to prioritise lightweight materials for your firearm to make it easier  to handle when carried through the bush for long periods of time, or you may need to place absolute trust in its ability to closely group shots on target. Through conversations with you and our experienced staff members, we employ the  latest technology in both computer-aided design and manufacturing, to  produce precision long range rifles that conform to your directives exactly.

These modular designs enable us to provide an exceptional degree of customisation, up to and including specially coloured chassis for additional personal flair. We invite you to explore our full product range online or to contact us today to begin a conversation. Let us know how we can put our skills to work creating the precision long range rifles you require.

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