Identifying High-Quality Tactical Rifle Suppressors for Sale: A Guide

Rifle suppressors provide two essential tactical functions for their users: firstly, they offer protection from hearing damage caused by a firearm’s loud report. Secondly, they reduce the pressure wave resulting from the ignition of a weapon’s cartridge powder, and the subsequent gas that it produces. While rifle suppressors will not eliminate the sound of a gunshot completely, they should nevertheless be considered a critical element of any tactical or military arsenal. They may also be valuable to commercial users and private hunters who wish to reduce noise pollution and take care of their ears during a hunting trip or when culling feral animals.

Important Terminology for those Seeking Tactical Suppressors

Bearing the above in mind, it is in the best interests of any responsible gun-owner or armed public service department to identify high-quality suppressors and purchase them for their rifles. To do so, one must first understand the various common components used in suppressor construction and how they affect performance. Below are three common terms you should know when discussing suppressors:

  • Baffles: baffles obstruct the flow of gas released from igniting the powder, which normally exits the muzzle  at supersonic speeds (creating a “bang”). When baffles are used, the speed of this gas is reduced, thereby lowering the amount of noise produced.

  • Expansion Chambers: expansion chambers can come in either a “can” that screws on to the end of a barrel, or as integral chambers built around the barrel of the weapon itself. They allow the gas to slow down before it even encounters the baffles, further reducing the noise. Some suppressors use baffles only, whereas others may rely solely on a large expansion chamber. The sheer number and variety of different suppressor types mean that there may be a great deal of difference from the design of one suppressor to the next.

  • Monolithic Cores: monolithic cores are single pieces of high-grade metal that contain the entire internal support structure of a suppressor within them. They are intended to streamline the removal and cleaning process, saving time for operators who use them.


Consult with Industry Authorities

Because so many different suppressor options exist, it is vital for conscientious firearm users to purchase theirs from companies with significant industry knowledge and experience with such products. GCPD Arms Australia is a designer and manufacturer of premium custom armaments with a four-year history of providing high-end rifle components to clients in military and law enforcement, as well as private hunters. Our suppressor designs use the latest scientific principles and innovative features to ensure maximum effectiveness, improved durability and light weight.

Purchasing tactical suppressors can provide any military or law enforcement operatives with an important edge in combat and an increased chance of completing their objectives. Likewise, rifle suppressors can confer significant benefits to hunters who want to be protect  their hearing and make to avoid spooking targeted animals by making as little noise as possible with each shot they take. If you are trying to find suppressors for sale in Australia, let the conscientious and informative professionals at GCPD Arms Australia provide you with the information you need to make a strong choice for you or your team.