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The Importance of Precision in Selecting Tactical Long Range Rifles and Scopes

At long range, accuracy is not only a function of the shooter's skill, but also of the rifle's ability to perform well and closely group shots. Quality rifles are tools that, in the hands of well-trained shooters, equate to achievement of exceptional accuracy at long distances. It’s important not only for the hunter looking to make a clean shot, but also for the law enforcement or military personnel who must be able to depend on a tactical advantage in situations that can evolve rapidly. At GC Precision Developments, we operate an Australian-based manufacturing operation that focuses on high-level design using lightweight, durable, and  well-respected chassis as a base on which to build top quality rifles. Our focus is on delivering service that goes beyond offering rifles and tactical scopes for sale to providing a personalised experience that gives our clients  truly exceptional, custom firearms.

For the defence and law enforcement sectors, GCPD has the design and manufacturing capacity to produce large runs of tactical rifle packages built to each client's individual specifications. These packages are turn-key and ready for use upon receipt and provide an excellent way to procure a larger volume of firearms that align with the standards set by your organisation. To reach delivery for any client, individual or organisational, we use a rigorous process focused on delivering the most refined finished product based on the chassis of your choice. Consider the steps we take together with clients to develop effective tactical long range rifles.

What goes into a GCPD tactical rifle?

Identifying a client's primary operational requirements is always the first step. When you connect with a representative from GCPD, you are not speaking to someone whose only thought is manoeuvring for a sale. Instead, the question we ask is much different: "What can we create together to achieve operational efficiency and equip you with the tools to facilitate every mission's success?" For example, a lightweight rifle with a folding stock can deliver a tactical advantage when there is a need to set up in position quickly; a bulky chassis or the incorrect modifications can make that much more difficult.

With a better sense of what a client needs and which chassis they prefer (options include models by Remington and Tikka), we refine the design based on other requirements. For example, do you require the long range stopping power of the .338 Lapua Magnum or the more standard .308 Winchester cartridge? What barrel twist rate is appropriate for your shooting requirements and environment, and what type of accuracy in MOA terms  do you need to achieve in an operational situation? Other options include the material of the receiver, which may vary between stainless steel or  extremely lightweight but rigid titanium, an excellent choice for a tactical long range firearm.

Develop a firearms platform that corresponds to your requirements

GCPD can aid in augmenting your rifles with a variety of accessories, including scopes, carrying cases, and other modular components to outfit the firearm as necessary. All these options remain available to our defence and law enforcement clients  to enable us to achieve the full range of outcomes they  may require. To find out more about how GCPD can help your agency  acquire accurate, Australian-manufactured rifles, contact us now.

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