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GCPD Arms Australia

Based in Australia's capital city, Canberra, GC Precision Developments (GCPD) is a proudly Australian owned design and manufacturing business.


GCPD offers expertise in precision mechanical design and Computer Numerical Control (CNC) manufacturing techniques, and is one of few Australian companies licensed to build and process strictly controlled firearms components and assemblies.

GCPD is a business trusted to manufacture controlled firearms, but also offers its design, prototyping and manufacturing services to all other industries that require precision mechanical solutions. GCPD has the full suite of capabilities that can take an innovative product from concept to production-ready reality.


GCPD has been been used as a key case study in the Defence SICP (Sovereign industrial capability priorities and plans) publication and invited to showcase our products in the annual Defence Export Control Office Export Catalogue from 2019 to current.  

GCPD’s core design and development staff have over three decades of experience in providing technical solutions to the defence, aerospace, scientific and marine petroleum sectors. Our pool of expertise includes:

  • Mechanical design and engineering

  • Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM)

  • Precision machining, production and integration

  • Equipment plant design

  • Technical support and maintenance

  • Industrial design

  • Systems engineering (test and evaluation)

  • Requirements engineering

  • Quality Control – documentation and test reports, qualification



GCPD offers a range of services that can either form part of your project, or complete in-house design, prototype and manufacture to your requirements.


GCPD utilises the Autodesk Inventor CAD system for mechanical design and optimisation, Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and drafting. GCPD can:

  • Take your concepts to a production ready design

  • Work with your drawings and models

  • Perform integration and reverse engineering work, and/or

  • Help you to develop an end to end solution



GCPD has extensive in house modern machining capabilities. Our facilities include:

  • Multiple CNC vertical machining centres and CNC lathe

  • Digitised manual milling machines and lathes

  • Electrical Discharge Machine (EDM)

  • Precision grinding

  • Heat treating facility

  • Abrasive blasting / shot peening equipment

  • Our CAM software allows us to complete all of our machine programming, either from our CAD models or those that you provide. We routinely work with differing grades of tool steel, aluminium and titanium alloys.

  • GCPD has a proven local supply chain that provides our off the shelf parts, and surface finishes such as MILSPEC hard anodising and Titanium Nitrite/PVD coatings.

  • GCPD can design and build one off prototype components and assemblies, and undertake low rate initial production, through to volume production runs.



We have access to two private firearm testing facilities, which enable us to field test product ergonomics and accuracy under realistic and challenging circumstances.

GCPD also has the facilities to undertake firearm safety testing in alignment with Australian Customs legislation and Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers’ Institute (SAAMI) drop test requirements.


  • GCPD maintains the required licensing and storage facilities that enable us to work on an array of restricted items and projects:

  • Licensed to manufacture restricted items

  • Licenced firearms dealer, importer and exporter

  • Approved secure storage for controlled parts and complete firearms up to Category H and D firearms requirements

AMAP-MC QTD Take-Down Extreme Range Sniper Rifle
Shooting the AMAP-MC QTD Sniper Rifle

Our Mission is to deliver long range shooting dreams


Customer Saticfaction


Of our customers own multiple GCPD rifle systems


Of new customers come via referral from other satisficed clients

Here at GCPD Arms we are here to build your long range shooting dreams. The order process of every rifle, with every client, starts with an in depth discussion of exactly what the client wants to do and achieve with their new custom rifle. This beginning is critical to ensuring that our clients make a long term investment for their perfectly configured rifle specific to their needs and requirements. 

With every rifle individually built our customer know that they are not buying something that is a gun shops left over stock and doesn't necessarily suit their needs. It's important to GCPD that our client use our rifles, year in, year out, in all conditions and can rely on the accuracy and reliability our rifles provide. This is a truest form of return on investment and is something we are proud of

Our Core Values

We practice what we preach

Quality Assurance

Here at GCPD we believe in designing and manufacturing only the very best precision rifle products we can. Our rifles are not only industry leading in Australia, but world class. This refinement takes constant attention to detail and unparalleled quality processes, ensuring you only ever get the very best from us.

The Process

We work closely with our clients from the very start where we seek to understand their specific needs to then create their dream rifle. 

We understand the investment of your hard earned money is substantial and want to ensure that your investment is satisfying and long term, delivering ultimate precision and dependability as every year goes by.


With a lifetime of experience in high precision manufacturing and class leading design, our team are uniquely equipped to create and most reliable, accurate, battle and field tough precision rifles available anywhere on the globe. 

We believe you never stop learning and certainly never stop evolving. At GCPD, we have a constant development program ensuring our products remain the best in market  


As passionate shooters both in hunting and long range and extreme range target shooting, we are living our dreams every day. Being able to combine engineering and manufacturing skills with our passion for rifles ensures we are constantly evolving our products to best suit your needs and deliver a dream. 

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