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MSP M700 Custom Rifle

Long action magnum power and performance


System Overview

For those wanting to invest in the very finest of modern custom rifles, we offer the MSP M700 precision rifle. Available in calibre offerings starting at 7mm Remington Magnum and going all the way through to the 338 Lapua Magnum, we have your LR and ELR shooting needs covered.

Every MSP rifle is custom made, created specifically for your application. Before production begins, we talk with you to  understand your unique requirements, which will in turn inform the specification of the rifle we will build you. 

MSP M700 Long Range Custom Rifle is a fully modular long range shooting platform designed to deliver supreme accuracy and extreme ranges in all conditions

The Craftsmanship

Each individually crafted rifle features our very own, in house, Australian manufactured precision chassis system, custom configured to suit your style of shooting. A match grade barrel made to our own specification is selected for your chambering. It is fitted and chambered in the most precise and accurate way possible, finished with military grade nitride, PVD and Type-III hard anodised coating and metal conversions to ensure a lifetime of reliable precision.  

Nitride Heavy Long Range

For those seeking to use their MSP Long Range custom rifle more specifically for LR and ELR target shooting we offer a heavy, match grade, nitrided barrel option. This configuration achieves the ultimate, rock solid stability required for competition shooting. All of our non-carbon barrels feature a gas nitrided finish which creates an extremely hard barrel surface dramatically increasing barrel life, providing corrosion protection which is superior to painted coatings which can chip, peel and degrade over time.

Dependent on barrel length, profile, calibre action choice the Nitride MSP custom rifle weighs in at between  5.5kg and 7.0kg (including magazine, muzzle brake).

MSP M700 Long action magnum carbon hunting rifle in 375H&H on an African safari hunt the cape buffalo taken with a single well placed shot

Carbon Hunter

As the official Australian distributor for Carbon Six Barrels USA, we saw the perfect opportunity to pair this technology with our MSP long action magnum custom rifle. For our customers seeking high tech, precision hunting rifles which provide unmatched accuracy with a lightweight rugged design, we offer the MSP Carbon Hunter.

Whether you're hunting the African plains for Cape Buffalo, the rugged Victorian high country for Sambar or New Zealand's alpine country for Tahr and Wapiti, our MSP Carbon Hunter will deliver. 

Dependent on barrel length, profile, calibre action choice the Carbon Elite II weighs in a between  4.3kg and 5.5KG (including magazine, muzzle brake).

Features & Specification

Pricing range $9,500 - $10,800 AUD including GST (configuration dependent)


Long action magnum - RH Bolt action repeater (LH optional)


Australian made Swan match grade barrel (24") - Medium palmer (custom profiles available)

Optional Carbon Six USA carbon wrapped match grade barrel


Accurate Magazine CIP 3.85" magazine system, 5-shot standard (optional 3-shot)


Triggertech single or dual stage trigger (Optional Timney)


LRP Under-barrel fore-end: 

Beaver-tail grip inserts and Full length proprietary accessory rail on fore-end underside for superior rigidity of attachment,


4x M-lok slots either side

ARCA Swiss compatible dovetail modules


Mil-1913 Picatinny bipod interface

UB Hunter fore-end

Tapered traditionally styled fore-end with composite grip panels and integrated sling mount (suits Harris type bipod only)


Other Details

Equipped with a full length (3.85") C.I.P magazine to best accommodate modern long range hunting and target shooting bullets


Fully ambidextrous controls - Magazine release accessible within trigger guard or via external lever (behind magazine)


Fully ambidextrous ergonomics

  • Magazine release

  • Cheekpiece

  • Grip geometry

  • Stock adjustment points

  • Sling mounting positions


Hooked rear butt-stock for better control on rear bag


Rear bag rider interface on butt-stock (bag rider optional)


Fully CNC machined to precise tolerances


Australian made by an Australian owned company.




KS Arms LAR3

3-Lug bolt with 60 degree throw

Fully nitrided finish




6.5/300 Dakota - 1:7, 1.8

7mm Rem Mag - 1:7,1:8

7mm PRC - 1:7, 1:8

300 PRC - 1:9 ,1:10

300 Win Mag - 1:9 ,1:10

300 Norma Mag - 1:9 ,1:10

338 Lapua Mag - 1:9 ,1:10

338 Edge - 1:9 ,1:10

(Optional twist rate available)




24” (standard), 18”, 20” 26” 28" (optional)




5.8-7.5kg (Non-fluted barrel)

5.5-7kg (Fluted barrel)

4.3-5.8kg (Carbon wrapped barrel)




Full length: 1230mm x 190mm x 95mm (24” barrel)




Chassis: 6061-T651, hard anodised to MIL-A-8625


Receiver: 4340 HT steel, black plasma nitride


Fittings: 6al-4v Titanium, EN26 high tensile steel and 316 stainless steel. TiAl PVD/Nitride finished




  • GCPD GEN-III user timed muzzle brake and spanner

  • Quick release sling mounts

  • Mil-1913 Picatinny rail section - Bipod interface

  • Mil-1913 Picatinny rail (20MOA) - Optics interface

  • Rear bag rider

  • 1x Accurate Mag magazine (5 or 10-shot)

  • Waterproof hard case




ARCA Swiss accessory rail - Medium

ARCA Swiss accessory rail - Long

Barrel: Fluted - Gas nitrided

Barrel: Carbon wrapped

M700 MSP Custom riflle with Defiance Deviant action March 5-40x56 scope spuhr ISMS uni-mount in 300 Norma Magnum
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