GC Precision Developments Pty Ltd


PO Box 5143                                                                       

Chisholm A.C.T 2905





ABN : 71 607 522 770

ACT Firearms Dealer Lic : N0010060D



Phone -        Mobile  (+61)  0421 353 166


                      Office   (+61)  02 6292 3498

                      Email   info@gcpdarms.com





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Australian Buyers - If you reside outside of the ACT and looking to purchase our complete rifles and suppressors, we are required to ship these items to your nominated dealer to process your firearm/suppressor transfer *. Alternatively you can arrange to pick up your goods from our ACT facility, provided that your firearms permit states GC Precision Developments Pty Ltd as your transferring dealer. 


* This does not apply to exempt bodies and Departments



International Sales - If you are looking to purchase our products, you will require the appropriate import permits on ordering. Please be aware of your local laws and regulations regarding our products.