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QTD (Quick Take-Down) Extreme Range Multi-Calibre Sniper Rifle


(Military and Law Enforcement Only)


System Overview 

Released at Land Forces 2018, the AMAP rifle system answers the needs of the modern tactical unit which requires pinpoint accuracy at, and beyond, ranges of 2400m, user configurable modularity, multi-calibre capability and true quick take-down capability. 

The AMAP rifle incorporates GCPD's proprietary Quick Take-Down (QTD) system, allowing the rifle to be separated into two compact sub-assemblies in a matter of seconds. Our QTD function allows the operator to change barrels, calibre types, barrel and fore-end combinations without the need for Armourer support. This platform provides exceptional accuracy and has been proven well beyond that required by the Australia-New Zealand (ANZ) Counter-Terrorism Committee Marksman Standard.

GCPD Arms AMAP-MC QTD Quick Take Down Sniper Rifle Folded Stock
AMAP-MC QTD sniper rifle shown in assembled and disassembled format

QTD (Quick Take-Down) 

Taking on feedback from various special forces personnel based on their years of operational combat experience, GCPD has developed a QTD system like nothing else. This incredible system not only allows the rifle to be broken down into an extremely small package, but also allows full configurability of the rifle beyond what traditional multi-calibre sniper rifles are capable of. In well under a minute the AMAP-MC QTD rifle can be reconfigured in different calibres, barrel lengths, barrel materials and fore-ends. 

Critical to our QTD design is its ability to maintain extreme levels of "return of zero" accuracy which is unsurpassed by any system of its type. 

No matter what the mission requirements, no matter the operating conditions, the AMAP-MC sniper rifle will deliver the lethality required. 

Extreme Range Performance

In today's operating environment, the ability to cross over from an anti-materiel (AM) anti-personnel (AP) role is becoming more critical. Enter the AMAP-MC rifle with extreme range lethality capability beyond 2400m and anti-materiel stopping power out to 1600m.


Tipping the scales at 40% less than a 50BMG based system, the AMAP-MC punches way above its weight.  

AMAP-MC QTD ELR Sniper Rifle


Price on Application


GCPD Arms proprietary modular precision action  

6-Lug bolt with 60 degree throw

Removable bolt head

Twin ejector pins



408 Cheytac (standard) - 1:10 - 1:9.5 - 1:9 

375 Cheytac (standard) - 1:10 - 1:9.5 - 1:9


30” (standard), 28”, 32” and 34”

* Barrels supplied are match grade cut-rifled



8850g (carbon wrapped 30” barrel)

9950g (stainless steel 30” barrel)

* Complete with magazine bolt and muzzle brake



Full length: 1400mm x 220mm x 105mm

Stock Folded 1125mm x 220mm x 105mm

* When fitted with 30” barrel




Chassis: 6061-T651, hard anodised to MIL-A-8625

Receiver: 4340 HT steel, black plasma nitride

Fittings: 6al-4v Titanium, TiAl PVD Nitride coated

Hinge wear points: 60 (Rockwell C) Tool steel




Sling kit with quick release mountings 6X

Picatinny rail section – Fore-end (upper) 45 M.O.A

Picatinny rail section – Fore-end (lower for bipod)

Pelican IM3300 Storm case with die-cut insert



GCPD tool steel high efficiency muzzle brake (as shown)

Oceania Defence ratchet-lock suppressor - Titanium

Oceania Defence ratchet-lock suppressor - Inconel

Wedgetail Industries suppressor (direct mount)

Optical sighting systems and mounts

Over barrel bipod

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