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Ultimate Precision in the Palm of Your Hands


System Overview

Our Elite Series II (medium action length) precision rifle is a culmination of four years of design, development and  manufacture of some of the most refined custom precision rifles available. The Elite Series II combines the individually build craftsmanship of a world class custom rifle with the consistency, system engineering and reliability only obtainable from a system matched, top tier production rifle. Every aspect of the Elite Series II has been designed from the ground up to work together, achieving unmatched, match grade levels of accuracy, rugged dependability for the field, along with reliability and system consistency only achievable in a quality controlled production environment.



Ultimate Versatility

The versatility of the Elite Series rifle is unrivaled, lending itself to being a thoroughbred PRS competition rifle, the ultimate long range hunting rifle, or a cross-over between both. The Elite Series rifle has enjoyed its four year reign as the perfect all round precision rifle and is our most popular rifle system which delivers on its promise to each and every owner.   

Elite Series II Carbon long range hunting rifle is paired with the Carbon Six match grade barrel to deliver supreme long range accuracy without the weight associated with typical long range rifles

Carbon Cross-Over

Increasingly we are seeing our customers requiring versatility of their precision rifles. As the official Australian distributor for Carbon Six Barrels USA, we saw the perfect opportunity to pair this technology with our Elite Series II rifle to create our lightweight precision rifle.  The carbon Elite Series delivers unmatched precision on the range whether shooting PRS, PSR or F-Class competitions or chasing game trophies and feral animals in the field. No matter where you are, or what the conditions, you can rely on your Elite Series II rifle to deliver unmatched precision and get the job done.

Dependent on barrel length, profile and calibre action choice, the Carbon Elite II weighs in a between  4.25kg and 5.5KG (including magazine, muzzle brake, rear bag rider).

Nitride Heavy Competition

For those seeking to use their Elite Series II precision rifle more specifically for competition target shooting we offer a heavy, match grade, nitrided barrel option. This configuration achieves the ultimate, rock solid stability required for competition shooting. All of our non-carbon barrels feature a gas nitrided finish which creates an extremely hard barrel surface. This dramatically increases barrel life, provides corrosion protection which is superior to painted coatings which can chip, peel and degrade over time.

Dependent on barrel length, profile, calibre action choice the Nitride Elite Series II weighs in at between  5.5kg and 7.0kg (including magazine, muzzle brake, rear bag rider).

Elite Series II Compition Rifle featuring our nitrided match grade ordnance steel barrel delivers match winning performance
Elite Series II Precision Rifle with March Optics rifle scope and Spuhr ISMS precision uni-mountIM

Features & Specification

Pricing range $8,500 - $9,800 AUD including GST (configuration dependent)


Short action - Bolt action repeater (RH only at present)


Australian made Swan match grade barrel (24") - Medium palma (custom profiles available)

Optional Carbon Six USA carbon wrapped match grade barrel


AICS (double stack single feed) magazine configuration - Available in 5-shot (flush fitting) or 10-shot, 7-shot for short magnum calibres


Triggertech single or dual stage trigger


Under-barrel fore-end with beaver-tail grip inserts


Full length proprietary accessory rail on fore-end underside - Superior rigidity of attachment


ARCA Swiss compatible dovetail modules


Mil-1913 Picatinny bipod interface


Roll-in magazine well, providing quicker change while maintaining a lower profile in prone shooting positions


Fully ambidextrous controls

  • Magazine release

  • Thumb shelfs

  • Grip geometry

  • Cheek-piece

  • Stock adjustment points

Hooked rear butt-stock for better control on rear bag


Rear bag rider interface on butt-stock (bag rider included)


Fully CNC machined to precise tolerances


Australian made by an Australian owned company.




KS Arms SAR3

3-Lug bolt with 60 degree throw

Fully nitrided finish




6mm XC - 1:7,1:8

6mm Creedmoor - 1:7, 1:8

6mm x 47 Lapua - 1:7, 1:8

6.5mm Creedmoor - 1:8

6.5mm x 47 Lapua - 1:8

6.5mm PRC - 1:8

270 WSM - 1:8

7mm SUAM - 1:8

300 WSM - 1:9 ,1:10

308 Winchester - 1:10

(Optional twist rate available)




24” (standard), 18”, 20” 26” 28" (optional)




5.8-7.5kg (Non-fluted barrel)

5.5-7kg (Fluted barrel)

4.25-5.8kg (Carbon wrapped barrel)




Full length: 1230mm x 190mm x 95mm (24” barrel)




Chassis: 6061-T651, hard anodised to MIL-A-8625


Receiver: 4340 HT steel, black plasma nitride


Fittings: 6al-4v Titanium, TiAl PVD Nitride coated




  • GCPD GEN-III user timed muzzle brake and spanner

  • Quick release sling mounts

  • Mil-1913 Picatinny rail section - Bipod interface

  • Mil-1913 Picatinny rail (20MOA) - Optics interface

  • ARCA Swiss compatible - Tripod interface (short)

  • Rear bag rider

  • 1x Accurate Mag magazine (5 or 10-shot)

  • Waterproof hard case




ARCA Swiss accessory rail - Medium

ARCA Swiss accessory rail - Long

Barrel: Fluted - Gas nitrided

Barrel: Carbon wrapped

Thermal (I.R) sight mount - Fore-end  (coming soon)

Barrel channel weights (coming soon)

Barricade stop (coming soon)

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