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CWS (Covert Weapon System)

Medium Range Compact Sniper Rifle


(Military and Law Enforcement Only)

System Overview

As battlefield and law enforcement environments change, so do our rifle systems to better meet the specifications and features needed in today's environment. After engaging directly with end users such as police special operations groups and  the ADF special operations snipers, we understood the requirements for a compact sniper rifle system which could be discreetly deployed in an urban environment by police and counter-terrorism snipers without detection. Concealable within a backpack, our CWS offers the ultimate medium range lethality capability while not alerting civilians and potential targets to the operation being carried out.   

GCPD Arms CWS Sniper Rifle 308 Winchester
CWS covert police sniper rifle in 7.62 NATO featuring wedgetail industries suppressor, March Optics and Spuhr ISMS uni-mount

Accuracy and Agility

The CWS rifle system meets the needs of the modern tactical unit that requires operational flexibility and discreet deployment. Exceptional accuracy has been proven well beyond that required by the Australia-New Zealand (ANZ) Counter-Terrorism Committee Marksman Standard.


The CWS provides advanced ergonomics, lightweight construction and perfect balance which is achieved through the use of advanced materials, manufacturing and design technologies to ensure a precise operator interface.   

No matter what the mission requirements or conditions, the CWS sniper rifle will deliver the lethality required. 


Price on Application



Barnard Precision Model SM

3-Lug bolt with 60 degree throw


308 Winchester (standard) - 1:10, 1:9 or 1:7

338 Federal - 1:9

243 AI - 1:8

223 Remington - 1:8

300 Blackout - 1:8

6.5 x 47 Lapua - 1:8

6.5 Creedmor - 1:8




16” (standard), 18”, 20”, 24” and 26”




5085g (carbon wrapped 16” barrel)

5850g (heavy fluted S/S 16” barrel)


Full length: 935mm x 190mm x 97mm

Stock Folded 675mm x 190mm x 97mm

(with 16” barrel)




Chassis: 6061-T651, hard anodised to MIL-A-8625

Receiver: 4340 HT steel, black plasma nitride

Fittings: 6al-4v Titanium, TiAl PVD Nitride coated

Hinge wear points: 60 (Rockwell C) Tool steel




Sling kit with quick release mountings

Picatinny rail sections – 2 Polymer, 1 heavy duty alloy

Pelican IM3100 Storm case with die-cut insert




GCPD tool steel high efficiency muzzle brake (as shown)

Oceania Defence ratchet-lock suppressor - Titanium

Oceania Defence ratchet-lock suppressor - Inconel

CWS Police Sniper rifle with butt-stock folded complete with March optics and Spuhr ISMS uni-mount
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