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QTD (Quick Take-Down) Modular Precision  Rifle

GCPD Incision-MC QTD Precision Rifle with Elite Long Range Hunter Fore-End

System Overview 

We are proud to introduce our Incision-MC civilian precision rifle.


Since release of the  AMAP-MC Quick Take-Down (QTD) rifle system at Land Forces 2018 we have received a huge amount of interest in this platform from the civilian market and as such have developed the ultimate modular precision rifle featuring a revised/scaled down version of our AMAP-MC QTD barrel system. 

The concept of the AMAP-MC rifle was to provide military operator's the ability to significantly reduce the overall length of the rifle for more discreet deployment and also for the rifle to be re-configured to different roles by the operator, negating the need for an armourer.  

The Incision-MC QTD rifle system focuses more on its ability to be reconfigured by the user to suit a variety of different applications. What could be configured as a dedicated PRS competition rifle in one calibre, can within one minute be re-configured into a thermal hunting rifle of a different calibre group with a whole different fore-end configuration. This can then be re-configured again into a long range, light-weight hunting rifle in yet another different calibre group, barrel and fore-end combination.


This unique ability provides the user the most innovative, modular, re-configuerable rifle system on the market.  

GCPD Incision-MC QTD Precision Rifle with Full Length Rail Hand Guard
GCPD Incision-MC QTD Precision Rifle As a Complete System

QTD (Quick Take-Down) 

Taking on feedback from various special forces personnel based on their years of operational combat experience, GCPD has developed and refined it's latest generation Patent Pending QTD system to be totally unique in its function and consistency.


This incredible system not only allows the rifle to be packed in reduced travel dimensions in well under a minute, the Incision-MC QTD rifle can also be reconfigured in different calibres, barrel lengths, barrel materials and fore-ends. 

Critical to our QTD design is its ability to maintain extreme levels of "return of zero" accuracy which is unsurpassed by any system of its type. 

No matter what the user requirements are, no matter the operating conditions, the Incision-MC precision rifle will provide the versatility, accuracy and reliability you need. 


We now offer a dedicated long range competition fore-end barrel configuration. This barrel/fore-end cartridge offers features including:

  • Full length integrated Arca interface

  • Generous 450mm length of fore-end

  • Provision for up to 1.8kg of internal weights

  • M-Lok slots on both sides (8 per side) and 9 slots along bottom face

  • M6 threaded accessory hole grid on bottom face

  • M5  threaded accessory holes on both side for attachment of bag wings and other accessories

  • Top rails machined for accept NV bridge and mirage shield (coming soon) 

GCPD Incision-MC QTD Precision Rifle with PRS Competition Fore-End Assembly
GCPD Incision-MC QTD Precision Rifle with Long Range Hunting Fore-End

Elite Long Range Hunting

For those seeking the ultimate long range hunting configuration for the Incision-MC look no further than our Elite Long Range Hunter barrel/fore-end cartridge. This model features:

  • Lightweight, elegant design

  • 350mm fore-end length with extreme levels of rigidity

  • Integrated 12mm wide accessory rail with M6 attachment points to mount accessories such as Arca rails, picatinny bipod mounts, barricade stops and bag plates

  • Dual M-Lok point (LH/RH) for sling mounts and picatinny accessory rails

  • CNC machined composite grip panels providing flat bever-tail fore-end profile with tactile, contoured and non-metallic user interface

  • Provision for internal weight strip (350g)

Tactical Full Rail

For those requiring an incredibly versatile fore-end/barrel combination which is finely tuned for close quarters hunting, thermal hunting, 3-gun IPSC competition rifle or for those who purely love the look of a full length enclosed rail, this is for you. 


  • Full length enclosed hand-guard (15")

  • Integrated barracde stop

  • Integrated Acra interface

  • M-lok interfaces both sided and bottom

  • Full length picatinny rail coplanar with receiver rail

  • Integrated non-rotatable sling mounts (2 per side, 1 on bottom)

  • Comes with picatinny bipod interface

GCPD Incision-MC QTD Precision Rifle with Full Length Rail Hand Guard
AMAP-MC with Incision-MC QTD Take-Down Precision Rifle


Price on Application


GCPD Arms Patent Pending modular precision honed QTD (quick take-down) action  

3-Lug bolt with 60 degree throw

Removable bolt head with M16 style extraction and single plunger ejector



6mm XC - 1:7,1:8

6mm Creedmoor - 1:7, 1:8

6mm x 47 Lapua - 1:7, 1:8

6.5mm Creedmoor - 1:8

6.5mm x 47 Lapua - 1:8

6.5mm PRC - 1:8

270 WSM - 1:8

7mm SUAM - 1:8

300 WSM - 1:9 ,1:10

308 Winchester - 1:10




From 18" to 28"


* Barrels supplied are match grade nitrided finish or carbon fibre wrapped for a lighter weight options



Elite Long Range Hunter: from 5.0kg

Competition: From 5.5kg

Tactical full rail: from 4.5kg

* Complete with magazine bolt and muzzle brake


Full length: 1200mm x 190mm x 80mm

When disassembled: Maximum component sub-assembly size 700mm x 190 x 80mm

* When fitted with 24” barrel




Chassis: 6061-T651, hard anodised to MIL-A-8625

Receiver: 4340 HT steel, black plasma nitride

Fittings: 6al-4v Titanium, TiAl PVD Nitride coated



Evolution XL case with custom laser cut insert (storage for assembled rifle and 1x extra barrel/fore-end cartridge



Evolution Medium case (975mm overall length) for compact travel of disassembled rife system (one barrel/fore-end cartridge

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