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Elite Series II Precision Rifle

What Our Clients Say

We understand what our client needs for their long range shooting ambitions and work tirelessly to always deliver an amazing outcome. We strive to deliver total satisfaction to each and every client and nothing drives us harder than knowing we have delivered these results.

Customers Elite Series II Precision Rifle in 6.5mm Creedmoor


Simon - Canberra ACT

"The GCPD Arms Elite Series II Precision Rifle is a tremendous achievement in superior accuracy, reliability, balance, harmonics and ergonomics.


It's great to support an Australian company producing a world-class product. I was astounded by its out of the box accuracy - shooting five consecutive V-bulls at 100m was a first for me, especially just after the rifle had been run in.


I look forward to many years of long-range competition and hunting with this rifle and look forward to testing its capabilities over 500m and beyond.


You should also be commended for your responsive, detailed and courteous approach to customer service, which sets a new standard in the Australian firearms industry."


Richard - Brisbane QLD

"I finally was able to go in and pick up my wonderful gun. Opening it up at the gun shop just blew me away seeing it for the first time. The gun box is a great touch. Excellent quality an  will last for ever.

Getting it home seem to take an eternity. Touching, looking and feeling my gun was pure bliss, what quality!
The finish and engineering is outstanding. The 'feel' is great, your work on the bolt is terrific, The coating is great. It is everything that I thought I'd expected but got so much more.

Fitted my Nightforce scope mounts and initially my new Lieca scope. After about a week I couldn't stand it anymore and had to take a half day off from my work to 'christen' the rifle. I decided to zero at 200m using a 140gn speer matchking projectile.

Gareth I am so pleased with my new purchase. What ever has driven you and your team KEEP IT UP!! I was singing your praises at Belmont when I started zeroing. Your communications has always been excellent and I appreciate that so much.

Thank you again, I have received a most magnificent firearm that has already exceeded my expectations.

I'll keep you informed of my progress as it goes along."

Customer MSP T3 Ti Custom Rifle System
Customer MSP M700 Ti Custom Rifle in 300 Norma Magnum


Kieran - Regional QLD

"In 2017 I purchased a rifle from GC Precision Developments. Specifically a MSP-M700-GEN-1 with a Hardy carbon wrapped barrel in 300 Norma Mag.


GC Precision Developments were really good at updating me in regards to the progress. Once the barrel was in country it didn’t take long for the build to be put together.


When I first picked up the rifle I was surprised just how little the rifle weighed. Upon further inspection I was very happy with the build quality of the rifle.


When I first shot the rifle I was curious how the low weight would go with the magnum cartridge. The four port GC Precision Developments break kept the front end down better than expected (though very loud in enclosed spaces).


As for accuracy the rifle regularly shoots sub 1/3 MOA. First shot hits out past 1000m have been simple and repeatable.


Safe to say the more I use the rifle the more impressed with it I am.


I would not hesitate to recommend GC Precision Developments to anyone looking at getting a light weight custom built rifle."


Daniel - Regional NSW

"I have been a customer of GC Precision Developments since 2015 and have purchased several chassis rifle platforms including the MSP-T3-GEN-I-UB Chassis and the MSP-T3-GEN-I-Ti Chassis.

As a recreational hunter and long range shooter, I performed extensive research into a chassis based platform initially to suit a Tikka T3 Super Varmint rifle chambered in 22-250 Remington. I contacted GC Precision Developments and had several conversations about my requirements. GC Precision Developments provided in-depth information regarding the materials, manufacturing process and market comparison of their range of chassis’ in contrast to other high quality platforms. GC Precision Developments also invited me to test several of their platforms at the local SSAA range to personally examine and test the chassis.

After comparing with Accuracy International and other platforms, I ended up selecting GC Precision Developments and their MSP-T3-GEN-I-UB Chassis. GC Precision Developments performed all necessary work on the rifle including re-fitting of the optics and bi-pod. Prior to fitting the chassis, the rifle consistently shot accuracy levels at an average of 0.5 MoA at 100m (5 shot groups). The rifle now averages accuracies between 0.2-0.3 MoA with a personal best accuracy of 0.167 MoA at 100m (5 shot group – see figure overleaf). The chassis is surprisingly light to carry for long periods in the field and is extremely rugged and anatomically engineered.

Recently, I purchased another Tikka T3 Varmint rifle chambered in 6.5 X 55 Swede and again reached out to GC Precision Developments. On this occasion, I worked with them to select a different chassis platform (MSP-T3-GEN-I-Ti Chassis) suited to a longer range shooting application (>500m). GC Precision Developments provided advice on the configuration of the rifle including optimum optics configuration and the necessary accessories to suit my shooting application including picatinny rails and Atlas bipod. The accuracy of this rifle has also significantly improved following the fitment of the chassis and configuration by GC Precision Developments, particularly between 300-500m.

I have always been impressed with the level of responsiveness, knowledge and quality of service in all my interactions with GC Precision Developments. They proactively offer advice regarding the configuration of my rifles, optimum projectile and load data and ongoing developments in their product line including their support and development for new rifle platforms and carbon-wrapped barrels for example.

I have no hesitation recommending GC Precision Developments based on the quality of their products, professionalism and level of service." 

Customer MSP Tikka T3 UB custom long range rifle
Customer Haenel J10 Custom Rifle in 308 Winchester


Mitchell - Sydney NSW

"On attending a five day course, run by Precision Shooting Australia, I was primarily attending to shoot my Barret .338lap mag and I brought my 308 haenel Jagar 10 ( my hunting rifle ) with no real expectations of it preforming.


After purchasing FFS Delta V Ballistics Software from Glen from Precision Shooting and entering the above ballistic data along with the training we were all surprised to find this 308 Haenel Jaeger was easily engaging 8” targets to 600m with a 2.5m/s - 3m/s cross wind.


We decided to stretch its limits and started engaging a 10” target at 720m were I placed three rounds straight on target before the wind adjusted and I missed, shooters error.


We did engage targets at 900m and I feel that the rifle would still preform to 1000m however we were limited as my scope is a Nightforce SHV 5-20x56 M for hunting and I run out of MOA so I was forced to hold over the target.


I found that the lower load along with the muzzle brake has this rifle producing the same recoil as my .222 which allows me to keep one eye on target and one eye looking through the scope without ever breaking eye contact with the target when shooting with allows for a very quick follow through shot if required.


In short I purchased this rifle as a hunting rifle and have found that it preforms to the levels of the most highly engineered rifles from the states. The rifle is perfectly machined and shows absolutely no signs of machining along with the stock is Australian made.


Thanks Gareth for building such a quality rifle and for all the assistance in finding the correct load and a special thanks to Glen from Precision Shooting for the advice and training."


Steve - Sydney NSW

"The billet material is a little deceptive in that it creates an impression that the unit will be heavy and a little cumbersome when in fact it is neither of those things. The CNC precision is impressive and not what I had expected either given some of the shoddy CNC stuff flooding the market out of China.


The anodizing too had a great feel and quality look about it that is commonly an area that can let a product like this down. Yours certainly does you proud. I like the for-end of the rifle very much and the uncluttered feel of not having it jammed with rails and bolt ons. A great effort overall. If I had one suggestion to make at all it would be that you consider an adjustable mono- pod for the rear of the stock to allow the option of not having to use a rear bag but it is such a small thing that it really is being a tad knit picking to call that a criticism. I only wish I had the design and machining skills to develop something like this. Well do you...."


"The rifle is running like a dream and am just working on load development and fire forming cases. I was out at the range yesterday sighting in. Love your work to death young man. Just have to get the camera out and take some photos."

Steves MSP T3 custom rifle
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