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Stay Precisely on Target with Lightweight Sporting & Hunting Rifles by GC Precision Developments

When a shooter peers down the scope in preparation for a shot, confidence in the firearm in his or her hands is an absolute must. Whether you’re engaged in precision target shooting, or you're taking aim after hours of tracking and hunting an animal, your rifle must be able to deliver the performance you demand. At GC Precision Developments, we design and customise highly effective and dependable sporting and hunting rifles that are easy to use, fun to shoot, and built for a premium level of performance – and have that “WOW!” factor. By beginning with a leading edge, well-respected chassis built out of aerospace grade materials  using computer-controlled machining , GCPD can manufacture lightweight rifles  for unique needs – all Made In Australia!.

By using our  modular chassis, for quality actions such as the Remington 700, which feature the lightest alloys and the most potential for design variation, GCPD creates sporting rifles that are easy to adapt to many shooting scenarios. In hunting situations where you can expect to spend long periods of time handling your firearms, this lightweight but powerful design is easy to handle, carry, and use. Choose to purchase the chassis itself and outfit it with our extensive range of accessories to configure it yourself or engage our design services to go over every detail of the weapon, from the type of stock to its magazine configuration.

Using intensive attention to detail to create accurate lightweight rifles

A core component of our approach to developing lightweight sporting rifles based on existing chassis designs is precision in machining. With highly controlled CNC (computer numerical control) equipment, we can manufacture components to exceedingly fine tolerances, delivering an end product that both looks fantastic and delivers exceptional performance. Our MSP-T3-Gen-1 rifle, for example, features a fore-end made of tubular titanium — an ultralight component that makes it simple to employ this Tikka T3-based firearm in a hunting context. With a fully modular stock, we encourage clients to experiment with different configurations to find the ideal setup.

Our goal is to work alongside clients to deliver highly customised  products that reflect the environment and challenges you face, whether it's on the range or in the bush. To complement the craftsmanship of our sporting rifles, we also provide easy access to many of the components you may wish to include with our finished design. These include:

  • Cutting-edge video recording technology for on-rifle mounting

  • High-grade, long-range optics and corresponding mounts by Nightforce and Mak Optics

  • Heavy-duty storage solutions by Pelican

  • Muzzle brakes, suppressors, and more

Take steps towards creating your ideal hunting rifle today

Fine tolerances and dedication to outputting quality make every GCPD-designed firearm a joy to shoot. To ensure performance at the appropriate levels, we put all our products through rigorous tests in real-world conditions. Our goal is to ensure a ruggedised hunting or sporting rifle that can stand up to heavy use in many types of environments. From start to finish, we focus on client satisfaction. Start a collaboration with us today. Contact us here.

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