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Choose the Right Long Action Chassis System for Your Tikka T3 Stock Rifle

The Tikka T3 Stock rifle didn’t become one of the most popular hunting and sport shooting rifles in the world by accident. This smartly designed rifle is aesthetically attractive, accurate, and built for performance. With many variations and calibres available, it’s easy to find the right Tikka T3 rifle for your uses.

If you’ve chosen the Tikka T3 Stock as your rifle, the next step will be finding someone to help you outfit your rifle with the equipment and accessories necessary to take it to the next level. With the right equipment, your rifle will offer higher accuracy, performance, and overall satisfaction.

Customise Your Rifle with a Tikka T3 Chassis from GCPD Arms Australia

If you want to ensure the highest performance possible for a Tikka T3 rifle, start by calling GCPD Arms Australia. GCPD is not a gun shop or a distributor . We do not re-sell rifles from major brands. Instead, we take the existing barrel and action  from popular rifle stocks and chassis’—such as the Remington Model 700 and the Tikka T3—and build around it for better results.

If you need a Tikka T3 chassis system, you will be in good hands working with GCPD. We have a deep understanding of this popular rifle. We know what makes it such a popular choice for sport shooters and hunters, but we also know where its shortcomings or weaknesses lie. By designing and building our own chassis systems, we can resolve these weaknesses while accentuating the strengths of the Tikka T3.


Shooting enthusiasts love our Tikka T3 chassis systems, for a few different reasons. First, they look amazing. We craft our chassis systems from aircraft grade alloy with a certified hard anodised finish. Other components are given a hard-as-nails  titanium and aluminium nitride coating, that are much more durable than a cerakoted finish. These features make for a rifle that is both beautiful and durable.

Secondly, our chassis systems are versatile. We can customise them to suit your every need. If you require a long action calibre rifle, we can supply  a Tikka long action chassis. If you have a rifle with a short action calibre, we can customise your chassis accordingly. The same goes for right- and left-handed configurations. Our chassis systems are also highly modular, which means you can continue adjusting and customizing them yourself until you find a comfortable configuration for shooting. You can easily swap out fore ends or butt stocks to suit different styles of competion, such as the Precision Rifle Series (PRS)

Finally, our Tikka T3 chassis systems are lightweight and easy to use. Practical for range or field shooting, these chassis designs have proved to be reliable accessories for shooters of all stripes.

Choose the Right Tikka T3 Chassis for You, with the Help of  GCPD Specialist

Whether you require a Tikka T3 long action chassis or a short action design, you will get precisely what you need from GCPD Arms Australia. Our staff members  are shooting enthusiasts, not salespeople. They won’t try to sell you things you don’t need, just to make a sale. Instead, they will work closely with you to understand your specific needs and choose the right chassis design and other components or accessories to meet those needs. Our goal is for every client to be 100% satisfied with their purchase decision—both today and for years to come.

Are you interested in learning more about our Tikka T3 chassis products? Contact us today to start asking questions.

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