ultimate PRECISION


  • Mission configurable - Fully modular design

  • Light-weight and rugged design

  • World class accuracy and dependability 

  • From medium range (500M) to extreme range (2800M)

  • Turn-Key, fully deployable sniper systems


  • NEW - Elite Series PRS/Tactical competition rifle 

  • Light-weight precision hunting

  • PRS, Tactical & F-Class ready

  • Fully modular design - User configurable


  • The lightest chassis system in its class

  • Under-barrel or titanium tubular fore-end options

  • Highest grades of material, workmanship & finishes

  • PRS/Tactical competition ready

  • System match turn-key rifle system with no compromise

  • Advanced design, material and coating for ultimate service life

  • Tuned for extreme levels of accuracy and performance

  • Fully modular design for versatility of application




  • One on one training specific to our rifles

  • PRS and hunting and long range marksmanship courses  

  • Armouring training for defence & law enforcement clients

  • Weapons care and maintenance 


  • Full range of Nightforce precision optics & mounts

  • Full range of March precision optics

  • Supply & fit firearms sound suppressors

  • Supply & fit GCPD high-efficiency muzzle brakes

  • Supply & fitting of match grade barrels



  • GCPD Elite Series Precision Rifle - Bringing the most discerning rifleman a system matched, competition ready PRS and Tactical rifle. Combining ultimate precision with no compromise   CLICK FOR MORE INFO

  • GCPD AMAP-MC Extreme Range Sniper System - Bringing our defence industry the first Australian designed, Australian made, fully modular, change barrel sniper platform - That's what we call sovereign capability. CLICK FOR MORE INFO







  • LANDFORCES 2018  - GCPD exhibits its complete range of defence and law enforcement sniper systems - The AMAP-MC extreme range rifle is unveiled

Landforces 2018
Landforces 2018
Giving the rundown of our sniper systems to Assistant Defence Minister
Landforces 2018
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Elite Series
Elite Series
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AMAP Sniper Rifle
AMAP Sniper Rifle
AMAP Sniper Rifle
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