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GCPD Arms Elite Series II Precison Rifle

Delivering World Class Precision Rifles

For the discerning rifleman demanding only the very best

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Why Our Rifles?

Australian Innovation & Technology

GCPD Arms is an Australian owned company, specialising in the development of unrivaled high performance precision rifles.


GCPD has also invested heavily in the areas of in-house manufacturing technology, in-house weapons evaluation and testing, quality control systems. A regime of constant improvement of development to ensure we deliver only the best for our discerning clientele.


Leveraging off our technology and long standing careers in mechanical engineering, design and precision manufacturing in the scientific industry, we can deliver on your ultimate precision rifle solutions.  

High Performance Rifles Designed By Real Shooters

With a background in long range shooting in challenging field conditions, all GCPD rifles are designed from the ground up to be the most precisely tuned, ruggedly built rifles. Crafted by a team which knows how to make a quality system to perform in all conditions.


GCPD rifles are made using only the very best materials and surface coating technologies ensuring you rifle is the ultimate shooting machine. At GCPD we are proud to be delivering world class precision rifles, with supreme accuracy right out of the box.

Modularity and Versatility

Versatility and modularity of GCPD rifle systems is paramount both in our law enforcement and military product range, as well as our high performance civilian rifles and accessories. This means we do not design and manufacture "one trick ponies" that never see the outside of your weapon safe. Instead we deliver rifles that will beg you to take them out and use them, no matter what the application, no matter what the conditions.


Investing in a GCPD rifle ensures you get a return on investment with many years of shooting. Whether you are ELR shooting, PRS and NRL match shooting, or long range hunting in the field - one of our rifles will have you covered.  

MSP M700 Long Range Precision Rifle

Our Civilian Rifle Systems

Choose which high performance long range rifle best suits your application from the line up below 


Your ultimate precision rifle solution


Our Law Enforcement and Military Rifle Systems

Choose which high performance long range and extreme range sniper systems best suits your units application from the line up below


Your strategic partner in ultimate precision lethality

5-axis CNC milling machine cutting aluminium rifle part

About GCPD Arms and our commitment to you

Providing class leading innovation and world class precision rifles across the globe.


Whether you are a long range hunter, a PRS competition shooter or LE or Military marksman you can rest assured that GCPD has the depth and breadth of products and expertise to deliver what you need.  

GCPD recognises that people want to invest in high quality products that are as unique as the person ordering them.

At GCPD Arms, we are here to build your long range shooting dreams. The order process of every rifle, with every client, starts with an in depth discussion of exactly what the client wants to achieve with their new custom rifle. This beginning is critical to ensuring that our clients make a long term investment in a perfectly configured rifle specific to their unique requirements. 

With every rifle individually built, our customers know that they are purchasing something truly special. Rest assured you are not a gun shop's left over stock, or something that doesn't suit their needs.

It's important that our clients use our rifles, year in, year out, in all conditions and can rely on the accuracy and reliability our rifles provide. This is the truest form of return on investment and is a reason 75% of our clients are repeat customers, and own multiple GCPD rifles.


Precision rifle blog

Expand your knowledge by reading from the people that live and breath precision rifle shooting and who are the foundation of GCPD's development  

“Quality is never an accident, it is always the result of intelligent effort”

John Ruskin

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