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Carbon Wrapped Barrels

Updated: Oct 7, 2023

As the Australian distributor for Carbon Six barrels from USA, we are seeing the growing trend in the market for more versatile rifle systems that depart from the usual "one trick pony" of the competition rifle. We get it, custom long range rifles are too expensive to only achieve one thing. With this in mind, the true benefit of a carbon wrapped barrel is its ability to perform similarly to a heavy match barrel in terms of stiffness and vibration control, but without the same mass and the heavy steel match barrel. The heavy match barrel (in our case our nitrided ordnance steel barrel) with its extra mass will always have the advantage of added platform stability, however the intrinsic accuracy potential of both barrels is on par.

In simple terms, both barrel styles are incredibly accurate, but one is best suited for long range target shooting or where you might be shooting from a vehicle or a static position (nitrided steel barrel), while the carbon wrapped barrel will provide accuracy with less overall system weight in a role where the rifle is used more as a cross over between long range hunting (where hunting on foot) and long range target shooting.

At the end of the day it's horses for courses and part of the process of ordering a GCPD rifle is understanding your particular needs before creating a spec for your new rifle that suits you.

Carbon Six Carbon Wrapped Barrel
Carbon Fibre Wrapped Barrels

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