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Nitrided Rifle Barrels

Updated: Oct 7, 2023

For the past 4 years GCPD has been offering two exclusive barrel styles:

  1. Carbon Six USA barrels for when weight saving paired with extreme levels of accuracy is required; and

  2. Australian made Swan match grade ordnance steel barrels which we have nitrided specifically to our requirements, for when greater platform stability is required along with extreme levels of accuracy and barrel service life.

With extensive testing and evaluation conducted on our nitriding process and refinement of this technology, we believe we have achieved the ultimate long range rifle barrel that exhibits exceptional barrel life compared to stainless steel and non-nitrided steel varieties. Testing has been conducted with the most brutal of chamberings known to create extreme levels of throat erosion such as: 6.5/300 Dakota, 300 Norma Magnum, 205 Ruger, 408 Cheytac and has demonstrated significantly increased barrel life.

Aside from barrel life, there are numerous other advantages to our nitrided barrels such as:

  • hardened surface within the barrel chamber, which preserves the accuracy and finish of this sensitive region as well stops embedding of foreign particles into the chamber walls,

  • providing a hard wear resistant skin on barrel threads making thread seizure with muzzle devices far less likely; and

  • creating a hard, corrosion resistant, cosmetically appealing and extremely robust skin on all surfaces, including on the inside of the bore.

Benefits of GCPD nitrided barrels
GCPD Nitrided Barrels

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